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NEVER TRUST YOUR BUILDER: I can honestly tell you that it doesn't matter what builder you go with, they all cut corners in one way or another to save time and money. In todays housing boom its quantity over quality no matter who the builder is. Some builders have raving reviews, this is because I haven't inspected one of their homes yet.

NEVER TRUST A SELLERS DISCLOSURE: Its too easy for the current owner to play ignorant and check the (I don't know) box. Sometimes they're coached by the listing agent, just to make the sale. 

Idaho home inspectors aren't state managed, state licensed or held to any standards of practice or code of ethics other than what an online inspection association holds them to, but they never check on them either. New homes are popping up so fast and the builders (add any one of them here) are pulling the wool over your eyes and its costing you. Todays construction motto: Quantity over Quality, and it shows. I’ve been called in to go behind other local home inspectors because the homeowner heard about me from someone else that got a new deck or new flooring installed because the builder cut corners. They call me to find what the other inspector failed to document and wow do they miss a lot. I've seen deck ledger boards without flashing, I've seen disconnected plumbing that's been dumping water in the crawlspace for four months. I see improperly ventilated Attics which is wrong for many reasons, all of which are super expensive to repair if not corrected. Exterior trim not installed according to the MFG specifications which will void the warranty. Prefab structural members that are damaged or purposely cut and nobody alerted the boss, they just did a quick patch job and went about their day. This should have been brought up to the jobsite super and not hidden. Was it brought up and still hidden?  Prefab Structural members are designed by structural engineers and any repairs to them need to be designed by a structural engineer. I also ask that the repair blueprint be added to the house plans to protect the homeowner for a future sale. I see Interior walls not plumb, windows installed crooked, gaps in the LVP or hardwood flooring, two piece countertops installed crooked. Some builders aren't following the BOM (Bill of materials) and are quoting granite counters but installing quartz. Now some of these things aren't part of your "standard home inspection" and most if not all inspectors don't look for and call out these issues. With that being said, some of these things actually are part of the "standard home inspection" and should have been identified and documented. I call out defective materials, defective installation and because you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, I also call out lack of quality control. You should get the quality you paid for. Now this next part bothers me, Are home inspectors missing things because they don’t see them or are they failing to document things because it will hurt the sale and they won’t get their kickback? Are they missing things because they're bad at their job or maybe they need to hurry up to get to the next job so you get subpar service. Kickbacks are illegal in many other states but not here in Idaho. There is no law that says an inspector can't take a kickback to make the house look good on paper for the sale. I’m not saying it’s happening but with all the things I’m seeing that they “miss” or fail to document, the kickbacks must be really good or they’re really bad at their job. Some inspectors claim to be accredited and certified through certain online associations or bureaus, go to their websites and click those links and verify. I've found that some aren't what they claim and that's fraud. Want it done right? Schedule with me. I only take one inspection a day and the house gets all of my attention for as long as it takes. I’m not in a hurry and I’m not getting paid any extra if the house sells. 

Don't get deterred because my prices are a little higher, They are higher because my standards are higher.





What separates me from the rest? I'm not in this business to make friends, I'm in it to make sure my clients get what they paid for. I will complete your inspection and come back to support you when the builder wants to go over the report. I hate it when clients get bullied by builders and/or contractors. They have a protocol when it comes to addressing warranty issues and they don't like to deviate from said plan. It's my job to make them think outside the box. I don't have a problem hurting someone's feelings by telling them they're doing it wrong, I actually enjoy it! Home inspectors are in the opinion business and sometimes a custom builder needs to hear an outsiders honest and brutal opinion so they can step back and do some inhouse cleaning. Nobody wants to have negative reviews, it looks bad and they get outraged should anyone sully their good name. I don't do it on purpose, I do it with good intentions.  

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