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My name is Ken Biretz, I'm a husband and father of 4. I joined the Army in 1995 and spent 14 years on Active duty in the Engineer Corps performing horizontal and vertical construction in various parts of the world. I have traveled the globe, seen dozens of countries including Afghanistan and Iraq.  I enjoy hunting, archery, shooting, reloading, mountain biking, bikepacking and camping.

I have always had an eye for critiquing others' work, almost to a point where it's a curse. I'm always looking for the good and the bad, sometimes I can't shut it off. As an Inspector, I use that military honed attention to detail and give my clients the critical information they need to help them make sound decisions when purchasing a home or investment property.

I attended the NARIES Home Inspection Course in Washington, I passed the Washington state Home Inspectors licensing exam and the National Home Inspectors exam. I ran a successful Home Inspection business in Washington prior to moving my family to Idaho. Since being in Idaho, I have seen hundreds of new construction homes with too many issues to list. Some builders are getting away with highway robbery! 

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