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My name is Ken Biretz, I'm a husband and father of 4. I joined the Army in 1995 and spent 14 years on Active duty in the Engineer Corps performing horizontal and vertical construction in various parts of the world. I have traveled the globe, seen dozens of countries including Afghanistan and Iraq.  I enjoy hunting, archery, shooting, reloading, mountain biking, bikepacking and camping.

I have always had an eye for critiquing others' work, almost to a point where it's a curse. I'm always looking for the good and the bad, sometimes I can't shut it off. As an Inspector, I use that military honed attention to detail and give my clients the critical information they need to help them make sound decisions when purchasing a home or investment property.

I attended the NARIES Home Inspection Course in Washington, I passed the Washington state Home Inspectors licensing exam and the National Home Inspectors exam. I ran a successful Home Inspection business in Washington prior to moving my family to Idaho. Since being in Idaho, I have seen hundreds of new construction homes with too many issues to list. Some builders are getting away with a lot to include a lack of quality control and code errors simply because nobody is checking. The most common answer..."other inspectors don't call those things out." This to me sounds like someone is getting greased? Something to ponder before hiring an inspector.