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Rental agencies take care of the paperwork and the legal stuff but they don't do a very good job when it comes to inspecting the property. They only inspect the obvious and that's giving them a lot of credit. They won't enter the crawlspace, they won't access the attic and they won't walk the roof, these areas go unseen for years. They focus on blemished paint, stained carpet, broken doors, damaged window screens, damaged blinds, etc..


  • Complete inspection before clients move in (w/photos and video)

  • Complete inspection after clients move out (w/photos and video)

  • Inspect after repairs are made. Trust but verify!

  • Perform a complete inspection at an interval of your choosing. Its recommended this be completed every 1-2 years to stay on top of homeowner maintenance related issues and catch things before they happen. With the hot Idaho sun and zero to little overhead shade, caulking fails and paint peels more rapidly than in a cooler climate.

  • Inspect the joints around the toilets, tub & tub surround, shower pan and surround. The grout and/or silicone at these locations can and will fail and allow moisture and humidity to enter. This very expensive issue can go unseen for years before its noticeable on the surface.

  • Inspect exterior caulking & paint around doors and windows to ensure these areas are sealed and to avoid any water intrusion.

  • Inspect below sinks for damaged plumbing. A lot of stuff gets shoved below sinks and I've seen numerous leaks because a tailpiece or P-trap was loose and became disconnected. 

  • Inspect the crawlspace for water, vegetation, mold and mildew, rodents, wood destroying organisms, vent openings, vapor barrier, HVAC ductwork and insulation.

  • Inspect the attic for bird/bee/wasp nests and any leaks /damages that aren't visible from the roof side. Rusty nails/fasteners tells me there's a problem on the roof.

  • Inspect the roof for damages to the roof covering, lifting shingles, damaged flashing, check roof jack condition at all roof penetrations and for any gutter related issues.

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