The bitter taste of a poor quality home inspection lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten.

Cheap inspections aren’t good, Good inspections aren’t cheap.


You don't ask what surgeon is the cheapest, you ask what surgeon is the best in their field.

Not all inspectors are created equal, shop the Inspector, not the price.

You're looking to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, don't skimp on the inspection.

You need to be aware of the current condition of the house prior to making that big financial decision. You can trust me to supply you with a comprehensive, honest and objective report as well as top quality customer service after the inspection. I'm not in this business to make friends and sometimes builders and realtors disagree with what or how I call out certain items in my reports. I stick to my guns and call it as I see it. All Home Inspections are conducted IAW the InterNACHI Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for home inspectors. Home inspections are not code inspections -- they are inspections for safety issues, health issues and system defects. For reasons related to liability, it’s important to keep the two separate.


Idaho has never required its home inspectors to be licensed. Idaho has never set forth any rules, regulations, code of ethics or standards of practice for home inspectors to abide by. "That's the way we have always done it" doesn't always work with new construction methods and materials but its the most common answer I get when confronting contractors and builders.



A standard home inspection is just like a pre listing inspection but you're buying and not selling. Never trust a sellers disclosure, its too easy to play ignorant and say "I didn't know". Its nice to know what the seller isn't telling you or trying to hide with new paint and some trim.  


Thinking of selling your home and want to know what needs to be done prior to listing? I will do a complete inspection on your home and give you a list of the issues that are a priority, a list of what can wait and/or possibly be negotiated. If you are selling your home, please make sure your service panel, furnace and water heater are accessible and not blocked by personal items.


You go to the doctor for regular check-ups, why shouldn't you do the same for your home. Not every home owner is a DIY'er and lets be honest, a lot of us think that it was good when I bought it, its probably still good....right? When is the last time you walked your roof, went in the crawlspace or attic? These areas go unseen for the life of the home unless something happens and then its too late. Schedule a well being inspection for your home today and I will check those areas for any damages, defects, aging materials, leaks or moisture. I will also perform a limited interior inspection including moisture readings in all bathroom walls, ceilings and floors, the most common areas where moisture is found that if left unchecked, can lead to costly repairs.

New Construction
1 Year Warranty

Look around, at the rate that these new homes are popping up, there is no possible way for the builders to keep tabs on all of the contractors and sub-contractors. Attention to detail is lacking in all aspects of the build from crooked outlet covers, cracked bathroom tiles, uneven floor tiles, gaps in hardwood flooring, plumbing fixtures and drain pipe joints not properly fastened leading to water in the crawlspace, I look for and call out everything. A lot of corners are being cut, inferior products are being used and poor quality work is the outcome. I've caught a few different builders/contractors not following code in attics, crawlspaces and decks. Some of these issues were thousands to repair not to mention the lost man hours. I like to nit pick new builds because you paid for quality, lets hold the builder to it!


Not all inspectors are created equal.
Shop the Inspector, not the price.

All prices are based on the size of the home and/or time.

A 15% military discount is available with valid ID.

Radon testing is available for an additional fee of $150 and requires a 24-48 hour drop off and pick up schedule. This fee also covers travel to and from for drop off and pick up of testing materials. Have your realtor contact me for scheduling a radon test. Test results may vary due to many variables. All windows and doors must remain closed during testing so New construction homes are difficult to test due to contractors, cleaners, open hoses, etc... the doors and windows are always open. Same goes for houses that are occupied by current owners/renters/tenants.

All radon test results will be emailed directly to you and usually takes 10 business days. I also have a self administered Radon test available for  $50, this fee covers the radon kit and the fee for testing at the laboratory.


and no more credit card fees

0 - 1000 sqft = $300

1001 - 1400 sqft = $325

1401 - 1800 sqft = $350

1801 - 2200 sqft = $375

2201 - 2600 sqft = $400

2601 - 3000 sqft = $450

3001 - 3400 sqft = $500

3401 - 3800 sqft = $550

3801 - 4200 sqft = $600

4201 - 4600 sqft = $650

4601 - 5000 sqft = $700

+ 5001 sqft - call 

*Mobile / *MFG homes = $400

*Mobile / MFG homes are those

with a non-removeable chassis

A $50.00 travel fee will be added for homes outside a 30 mile radius of my business location.