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Caveat Emptor ~ The buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made. Don't take on this task by yourself, let a trained eye do it for you.

You're looking to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions.

Don't skimp on the inspection by going with the cheapest price,

you definitely get what you pay for.

Shop for deals on bulk toilet paper and TV's, not Home Inspectors.

All Home Inspections are conducted IAW the InterNACHI Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for home inspectors. Home inspections are not code inspections, they are inspections for safety issues, health issues and system defects. For reasons related to liability, it’s important to keep the two separate.



You're looking to buy a house, wouldn't it be nice to know what's currently wrong with it or what will need to be repaired/replaced in the near future. Sometime I find things people have hidden or failed to disclose on the sellers disclosure. Never trust a sellers disclosure, its too easy for the seller to play ignorant and say "I didn't know" or "that must have just happened because it wasn't like that before". Its nice to know what the seller isn't telling you or trying to hide with fresh paint and some new trim.


Thinking of selling your home and want to know what needs to be done prior to listing? I will do a complete inspection on your home and give you a list of the issues that are a priority, a list of what can wait and/or possibly be negotiated. If you are selling your home, please make sure your service panel, furnace and water heater are accessible and not blocked by personal items.


You go to the doctor for regular check-ups, why shouldn't you do the same for your home. It was good when I bought it, its probably still good....right? When is the last time you walked your roof, went in the crawlspace or attic? These areas go unseen for the life of the home unless something happens and then its too late. Some building materials fail, degrade and deteriorate over time. Schedule a well being inspection for your home today and I will check those areas for any damages, defects, aging materials, leaks or moisture. I will also perform a limited interior inspection including moisture readings in all bathroom walls, ceilings and floors, the most common areas where moisture is found that if left unchecked, can lead to costly repairs.


Thinking of renting your home? I will perform a complete inspection before a renter moves in and prior to them moving out. This will benefit both parties by having a document on file that shows the current condition of the home, inside and out. Property management agencies will not enter the attic or crawlspace, they will not walk the roof nor will they check for moisture damage in floors, walls and ceilings. These areas are the most expensive to repair and they always get overlooked. My inspection will cover everything from stains on carpet, nail holes, any professional or non professional repairs, a complete attic, crawlspace and roof inspections as well as moisture readings taken at bathroom floors, walls and ceilings. We can set up an appointment for me to inspect the house at any interval you wish for any roof issues, water damage, plumbing leaks, etc. Very similar to the well being inspection. This will give you peace of mind that your investment is being thoroughly checked on a regular basis.

New Construction

Initial Inspection
1 Year Warranty

Look around, at the rate that these new homes are popping up, there is no possible way for the builders to keep tabs on all of the contractors and sub-contractors. Attention to detail is lacking in all aspects of the build. I see corners being cut by all builders and contractors. Inferior products are being used and poor quality workmanship is the outcome. I've caught a few different builders/contractors not following code in attics, crawlspaces and decks. Some of these issues were thousands to repair not to mention the lost man hours. When performing an inspection, keep my clients best interest in mind, not their money. I call out when jobs look to have been rushed or the quality was overlooked. If I see certain issues, I will contact the MFG of the products used (siding, trim, flooring, etc..) and look to see if its been installed per the MFG installation instructions. Your warranty is at stake. Do it right the first time and you'll never have to do it again. I love to keep people honest and hold them to their end of the bargain. You paid for quality and that's exactly what you should get.


All prices are based on the size of the home.

A 10% Military discount is available for all Veterans with valid ID.

      0 - 1000 sqft = $350

1001 - 1500 sqft = $375

1501 - 2000 sqft = $400

2001 - 2500 sqft = $425

2501 - 3000 sqft = $475

3001 - 3500 sqft = $525

3501 - 4000 sqft = $575

4001 - 4500 sqft = $625

4501 - 5000 sqft = $675

5001 - 5500 sqft = $725

Well-Being inspection = $250

*Mobile / *MFG homes / flat rate = $525


*Mobile / MFG homes are those with a non-removeable

chassis, with or without a coupler and tongue, axles and or wheels.

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